Brake Pads

TopEuro Promise!

Performance Tested

TopEuro Original Brake pads are precisely manufactured from the highest quality OEM specifications, surpassing even ECE-R90 standards. Offered in applications to fit a wide range of vehicle models and requirements, they feature the latest technology and high-quality materials. Every set of brake pads corresponds exactly to the brake discs originally installed by the manufacturer, whether smooth, drilled, high-carbon, one-piece, pinned or riveted, and with or without wheel bearings. 

TopEuro Brake pads or shoes feature a stylish, custom appearance and an innovative technology that ensures safe braking even in wet conditions and in critical situations. From a wide range of pad formulation, use is always made of the one which will produce a brake pad with optimum characteristics – a brake pad offering ideally coordinated friction, comfort and wear properties.

TopEuro Single Pack Brake pads are designed to deliver exceptional braking performance with ultra-low noise and vibration. They are built from OE material and match the high-carbon content of the OE part. The rotors are high temperature resistant and incorporate a special corrosion protection coating.


Tested on CV Dynamemeter 

To Simulate real Driving conditions

Compatibility Tested​

To Ensure compound Braking & NVH Performance

Strength Testing

Guarantee Sheer strength between back plate and friction material

Specially formulated for each vehicle

  • Friction materials are specially selected for the vehicle application concerned
  • Premium Long Life Grade Friction material
  • Original Low-metallic Compound Design
  • Excellent NVH properties
  • Excellent friction Stability
  • Includes fitting hardwareFr