Disc Brakes

TopEuro Promise!

Performance Design

TopEuro Original Brake Rotors are precisely manufactured from the highest quality OEM specifications, surpassing even ECE-R90 standards. Offered in applications to fit a wide range of vehicle models and requirements, they feature the latest technology and high-quality materials. Every rotor corresponds exactly to the brake discs originally installed by the manufacturer, whether smooth, drilled, high-carbon, one-piece, pinned or riveted, and with or without wheel bearings. 

TopEuro Brake Rotors feature a stylish, custom appearance and an innovative technology that ensures safe braking even in wet conditions and in critical situations. A patented multi function groove is machined into the rotor to help remove dirt and gases, which helps to reduce fading and prevent scoring. 

TopEuro Single Pack Brake Rotors are designed to deliver exceptional braking performance with ultra-low noise and vibration. They are built from OE material and match the high-carbon content of the OE part. The rotors are high temperature resistant and incorporate a special corrosion protection coating.

Tested on CV Dynamemeter 

To Simulate real Driving conditions

Compatibility Tested​

To Ensure compound Braking & NVH Performance

Strength Testing

Guarantee Sheer strength between back plate and friction material

Durability and Performance Tested

  • Premium Long Life Grade Friction material
  • Original Low-metallic Compound Design
  • Excellent NVH properties
  • Excellent friction Stability
  • Includes fitting hardware
  • Anti Rust Coating for all brake rotors